Male Bonding

To be frank, I once thought that I could provide a fairly large proportion of the nurture and love that my child needed. I was wrong. What has become more and more apparent to me as my boy grows is that he needs his daddy. Today was a perfect example. I, hot and tired, was trying to show interest in a Fire Truck that was available for kids to look at. I feigned some interest but it just wasn't happening for either me or my son. Then daddy enters the scene. Daddy runs over, scoops his boy into his arms with a vocal exclamation of enthusiasm and immediately shares the excitement of a huge red vehicle with lots of fascinating equipment. I stand there quietly, not quite caught up in the fervour of it all, reflecting that my son shares enjoyment of things with his daddy that are special and unique for them. I don't feel left out, I actually feel relieved that I don't have to be everything for my child. So I let the males of my house be males in their noisy, boisterous, excited, physical way and I sit back and enjoy the show.


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