A Tiring Day at Work?

Does anyone ever feel like motherhood is hard work? I know I do and yet a part of me keeps trying to redefine my role in my head so that I find a joy in the midst of the tiredness and frustration. I have been thinking about my relationship with my beautiful 2 year old and realizing that being a mama is just plain hard work at times. Actually, I choose to work hard because I have an ideology about this season of our lives and what that should look like. I want him to have a creative, loving environment to grow and thrive in and, yes, that takes work. The paradox is that the harder I work at my goal, the easier I seem to find life and, conversely, the more passive I become about what I believe is the best for us and our family, the more exhausted and lazy I feel. Vision is everything in my life - it energises me.
So, am I in the middle of another tiring day at work? Yes, and I am at peace.


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