Reflections for Advent - the One long awaited.

Life rips forth, flesh tears with a cry, as mankind's time line is ruptured by the appearing of a Jewish baby boy. This is He, the infinite, majestic One, who left His glorious riches in heaven to enter into the dark cavern of humanity's womb. He reduced Himself to the nuclear level, the Spirit alive within, pulsating wildly, while the cells divided and the frame that would become His earthly home was formed.
He is the One long awaited, the One revealing His Father, the One who would give of Himself. He is Love personified.
The baby breathes. The stench of this world fills the lungs of God - air of this globe on the inside of the Perfect One. He is cut from His mother, physically removed from His celestial Father. Life on earth is here. He is here.
The fecund odor swirls around the shelter made for animals as the cosmos swirls around the One at the center of it all. The infant lies in the wood - splintered, hammered together - a rough feeding trough. The bread of life is cradled by the animals fodder. He is the sustenance of men, women, children, put in a feeding trough from birth. A life poured out, giving everything.
We celebrate Him. He is the gift - the great gift of love.

May your advent this year be filled with the knowledge of this beautiful life, the baby who was named Jesus.


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