Artist's palette

Could there be a more beautiful sky this morning? The hues streak across the palette in a breathtaking array of blues, pinks, oranges. Vibrant, drawing, pouring stunning beauty out across the land, the sky gives of itself - gives a gift to anyone with eyes to behold. The mechanical lens of my camera fails to do justice to this wonder that penetrates my soul. What generosity that the Creator would make such a magnificent ceiling for our home - the world.  The sheer artistry of the habitat He made for us should cause me to spend my days in wonder. I am touched again by Beauty, by the way it can move my soul, by the way it leads me back to Him, by the way it generates hope in my heart. We were made for His beauty and every part of my being appears to know that. The cells of my frame seem to thrive and be filled with life by the display of sunrise, overcoming the atrophy, the decay. The glow of the heavens displayed across the blue canvas draw me today and wash through me. May it be written into my days that I am one who seeks out beauty and falls more and more in love with the Giver of that beauty.


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