The boy turns 6

There he is, my 10th of December joy. 6 years ago Luke Benjamin was a babe in my arms, long eyelashes framing his big brown eyes, tiny fingers grasping mine, sleep eluding us. Exhausted and in love we pressed on. Now, 6 years later, this boy has captured my heart even more. He is still has the long eye lashes but, gratefully, the child is a good sleeper now. He is energetic, strong willed, affectionate and does the most surprising things.
I confess to being surprised on Saturday - surprised but so, so proud. Luke, who had been longing to open his presents all week, gave one gift to his brother to open and keep. That single event shocked me, but it didn't end there. Luke had a special Star Wars balloon that he chose for his party and he gave it to his cousin Evan to take home. I almost stepped in with my selfish heart and said, "Hold it, that was the special balloon that Daddy bought for you," but gratefully I stopped myself in the light of the beauty that was happening before me. My son was showing generosity and love and did it all with joy.
"For God loves a cheerful giver" (2 Cor 9:7) and so does a mama!


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