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Pinning my hopes on Eternity.

Eyes wide open



Worship redefined

Joy in a bunch of blooms.

He is enough

Joyful, joyful.....

Love hung on two beams.

Unstoppable Light.


Hope arises.


Rivers of Living Water


The barren journey to mercy

The bread, the wine.

Clinging to the Love-Vine

Wrapping love around a wound

Struggling for control

Overcoming the Monday morning blues

Band of Gold

Keeping a soft heart in a hurting world

For an audience of one

Seasons and Dreams

Holding the Hand of Friendship

The difference between the real and the ideal

The Power of Words

When old habits hang lifeless.

Being on the Potter's wheel.

When beauty is your banner

Count your blessings one by one

By God's Design

My One Word