Clinging to the Love-Vine

The day opens up before me like a door that I can't stop, the momentum too great, the infinite power of the sunrise pushing up into my world. There is nothing that I can do to stop this day from appearing or from ending. It's completely outside of my control. I am sat on a spinning globe and it takes me through the rising and setting of the sun, through the yearly seasons. Time is a commodity that can never be replaced. I only have a set number of days on this side of eternity and I want them to count. I want them to mean something real. I am hidden at home with my children, tucked away in a little corner of an unrenowned city. Our house is just the same as dozens of houses on our block, our family a typical family - two adults, two children. The reality is that life does not exist by what we see on the surface but by what goes on the heart. If I am judged at the end of my time here by accomplishments then what I am giving my life to is a waste but if my life is measured by how I loved then the possibilities to do that are infinite everyday. I can't stop this day from coming or going but I can choose how I live this day and where my priorities are for the next 15 hours that are before me.
As the sun rises higher in the sky I hear a child cough, a child that has a leaky bucket where the love seeps out the sides. I set my gaze on the One whose love never runs dry, the One who is teaching me how to love and I cling to that love-vine with all my strength. We love because He first loved us. We cling to him because we weren't born with a benevolent love-well. We cling when it's easy to love and when it's hard. We cling when we feel His love and when we don't. I will go to put a cup to my child's lips and trust the Author of Love to fill it.


Rachael Barham said…
Yes, yes, and yes again. Thank you - you inspire me to remember and do the same.

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