For an audience of one

My life is mostly hidden. I am at home for countless hours washing dishes, folding laundry, smoothing sheets, picking up toys, mediating arguments, hugging when there's a hurt, wiping counters, listening to reading. There is a mundane quality to the routine and I don't get much praise or acknowledgement, certainly not from my children. I know, though, that I have an audience - One whom gives the highest rewards and sees all the hidden motivations of my heart and the internal wrestling of my soul. He knows the prayers I pray as I throw the laundry in the washer, praying that he would wash our hearts clean. He knows the frustrations that I feel and how I cry out for more patience with the kids. He knows my self-accusation that I am not doing enough as a mother, and if I listen I can hear Him reminding me that I will never be perfect but resting in His righteousness is enough. He knows my tired frame as I choose to get up one more time to see something the boys have made. Those feel like invisible choices but they are not. They are choices before the most powerful Man in the Universe. He sees it all and He will reward every act done in love. At the end of the day when I see His face I want Him to say, "You didn't just say that you loved, you DID love." Love really is something that we do. I can say I love all day long but without doing love for those entrusted to my care, what do the words really mean? This morning my prayer is that I would be one that does love, and that my reward would be in all the unseen motivations of my heart to serve in love before an audience of One.


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