Seasons and Dreams

Crimson blazes across the early morning sky cut through by a solitary bird extending its feathered wings as it flits from tree to tree. Icicles hang on the fir branches, weighed down by heavy snow. The snow melting freezes into these exquisite God made decorations which reflect the diffuse light - icicles of hanging beauty right there in front of me - each unique, not manufactured, easily overlooked. The bent, twisting branches of the bare tree touch the fir as hand to hand they shelter my space. They remind me of sentinels on the border of my land. I am hedged in by this glory belt which changes season by season.

Winter is a season with a unique beauty. The trees are stripped bare, the cold freezes the ground that once bore fruit. Air hits you like a frozen blanket when you expose your skin. Plants die, having dropped their seed, believing that the same God that brings the Winter will also bring the warmth and moisture of Spring to breathe life into their dead husks. New shoots will grow again but this is not the season.

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains only a single seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds. (John 12:24). 

Seasons of life. Seasons of the heart.

A friend said to me last night, "I believe that dreams, or longings, are a gift from God and you should hold them in your heart until He says to let go." The Winter season may cause us to wonder if our God-dreams  will ever come to pass. The grain of wheat is dead in the ground. I never doubt that Spring will come in the natural, so why doubt it in the spiritual? My spiritual Winters have a beauty all of their own and Winter has a unique purpose. I pray for eyes that will help me to see the beauty in my "Winter" seasons and not overlook the exquisite wonder that God carves into every season of life for me. I just need eyes to see it.


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