Unstoppable Light.

The birds fly so free, soaring effortlessly across the sky. One swoops into the tree and perches, then out of this little feathered body comes sounds so sweet, so joyful, so happy. He sings his song into the morning air and finds himself echoed in the chorus of feathered friends around him. They welcome the dawn, say "yes" to it with their whole being. Their symphony, like a song of heaven, floats into the bright light - that unstoppable, uncontainable light.
If I could just stay here in this moment a little longer I would, to freeze it for all eternity. Beauty swirls around me touching my senses. The melodies fill my ears, the earth catching the early sun rays turn glorious in their wonder, the light falls across my face bringing awareness of this skin that surrounds me. Wonder is everywhere.  There will never be another morning just like this one. They are all so unique. How many times will God stun me with his splendor when the run rises? It happens again and again and again. It's like he chooses to delight in the myriad of ways he can touch my heart, reach into my soul and tell me that He loves me.
Light breaks into the darkness - it reminds me of His story of redemption for me and all humanity. Every single morning I am reminded of the greatness of the gift we have in Jesus. He broke me free from the grip darkness held over my life. The breaking in of this Light and Life could have been merely functional but it wasn't, Jesus broke in with stunning beauty. More compelling than a glorious sunrise or a cacophony of birdsong, the Beautiful One infuses me with life, the life of eternity, the melody of heaven, His life in me.

Oh, great Light of the World, open our eyes so that we might see the ways you tell us you love us and open our ears to hear your love song sung over us. Your light, your life, is unstoppable. Breathe life and beauty into us today, into our mundane moments, our hard moments, our rested moments, our happy moments. You are everywhere and in everything. Help us to see You and the beauty and wonder of your life in us and around us.


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