He is enough

It's early morning and the arrows are already coming at me. "You can't control your speech. You are insensitive and hurt another with your so called well-meaning actions. You look old. Your kids would be better off if they weren't around you all day. Your heart is full of bitterness and envy...." and so it goes on.
My head pounds. My heart rate is elevated in my chest. I feel depressed and defeated.
I know where the arrows of accusation come from though, and there is a more powerful Word that speaks. He is One that made me. He is the One that sees the beauty of my intentions. He is the Word that speaks grace over my life. He is the One who is always enough when I am never enough; and that's the truth right there, I am not enough. I won't ever be enough but He is my righteousness - He, the Man who loved me and gave Himself for me (Gal. 2:20).

He is enough.

I find the silence and slowly I hear it, the faint ripple on the millpond of my mind - the bird song rising into the dawn with it's carefree chorus. The melodies cast into the breeze as they float across the morning rays. They fill the space with their happy song and there is no room for darkness. Joy expands and stretches across the firmament of my soul and I think about the glory of man singing, our bodies the instruments of praise to God. When we sing together we are saying as one, "You are worthy, you are good, how you love us," then I imagine heaven  singing an antiphonal chorus, "Yes, He is worthy," and we join with heaven in our praise to the Love-Man who gave everything for us.

He is worthy and oh, how He loves us.

He loves me, I'm His forever and I belong to Him. The accuser cannot speak before the magnitude of the power of this One who rose from the dead. He is my righteousness and He is enough.


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