Celebrating wonderful you!

Maybe it just takes time to slow down. Time to really look. Because if I looked and saw the amazing glory of you that maybe you don't even see in yourself, maybe it would make a difference to you. Because you are glorious.

You capture life because you breathe and see and wonder. You mirror glory because there is a whole world behind your face of thoughts and feelings. You were made for love and you know that, don't you? Do you know that every angry thought or accusing word spoken is a reaction to not really and truly knowing that you are loved? But you are loved, completely, without reserve, not for what you will be but just because you are you. There is no need to be anything more than you are right now.
You are enough. 

Did you know that there is nothing you can do to be loved more? Did you know that there is nothing that you can do to lose that love? Could you maybe, just for a moment, see yourself in the light of love? Can you see the tears raining down someone's face because they adore you more than life itself? Can you see why they love you? You are amazing. You are perfectly, wonderfully, gloriously you.

You, yes you, are worthy of love.


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